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Summer 2019


Spring 2019


Winter 2019


Power Point

1 Introduction

2 Molecular

3 Membrane Dynamics

4 Cells and Tissues

5 Metabolism

6 Protein Synthesis

7 Nerves

8 Sensory

9 Endocrine

10 Muscle

11 Heart

12 Blood Pressure

13 Respiration

14 GI System

15 Renal

16 Reproduction

Lab Assignments


Stoichiometry Laboratory Report

Cell Transport Mechanism Lab 1

Cell Transport Mechanism Lab 2

General Sensation

Olfaction and Taste


Blood Lab

Blood Pressure and Exercise Lab

Other Study Helps



Harvey_2006 Twins

Rubric for Case Study Assignment

Power Point Rubric

Power Point Rubric.2

You Tube Vide0:  Stress Portrait of a Killer:


Stoichiometry (Lab)


Physiology Podcasts click here—>

Videos for Exam 1


Watch before class on 6/18

Atoms Part 1 (Watch before class on 6/18)

Atoms Part 2 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Atoms Part 3 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Carbohydrates_Fats_Part1 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Fats Part 2 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Proteins Part 1 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Proteins Part 2 (Watch before class on 6/19)

Cell Membrane (Watch before class on 6/20)

Passive Transport (Watch before class on 6/20)

Active Transport (Watch before class on 2/24)

Organelles (Watch before class on 6/24)

Glycolysis_Intermediate Step_Citric Acid Cycle (Watch before class on 6/25)

Electron Transport Chain (Watch before class on 6/25)

DNA (Watch before class on 6/26)

Transcription/Translation (Watch before class on 6/26)

Videos for Exam 2

Neuroglial Cells (Watch before class on 6/27)

Action Potential Part 1 (Watch before class on 6/27)

Action Potential Part 2 (Watch before class on 6/27)

General Adaptation Syndrome (Watch before class on 7/2)

Olfaction and Gustation (Watch before class on 7/2)

Vision (Watch before class on 7/3)

Phototransduction (Watch before class on 7/3)

Endocrine (Watch before class on 7/8)

Videos for Exam 3

Muscle (Watch before class on 7/8)

Cardiac Contractility (Watch before class on 7/8)

Blood Pressure (Watch before class on 7/15)

Respiratory 1 (Watch before class on 7/16)

Inhale_Exhale (Watch before class on 7/16)

Internal Respiration (Watch before class on 7/16)

Videos for Final Exam

Gastrointestinal System (Watch before class on 7/18)

Reproduction (Watch before class on 7/23)

Urinary (Watch before class on 7/22)