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Is someone you love missing?

What can you do if you have a missing person?

missing child

The first thing you should do is find some object that the person has touched that nobody else has. Such articles may include:

  • Pillow cases
  • Unwashed clothes
  • Sheets
  • Hat
  • Hair brush


The important thing is that only the missing person has touched this object. After you’ve found something that you think will work, you need to put it in a plastic baggy. Ziploc baggies work the best for this and can be purchased in many different sizes to accommodate different objects.

It’s best to double bag the object, making sure each zip is secure. Next, put your bagged scent object in the freezer. Our research has found that scent can last for years when bagged and frozen.

How to be prepared in advance

A good idea is to have a scent object stored away in case the worst ever happens. We suggest purchasing Johnson and Johnson sterile gauze pads for this.

  1. Take the pads and have your loved ones rub the pad over the surface of their skin such as the arms, stomach, neck and anywhere else.
  2. Keep the pad on the skin’s surface for approximately 5 minutes.
  3. Place the pad in the baggy, and then double bag it.
  4. Label each bag with the person’s name, date of birth and the date the pad was collected.


Now you have a scent article just in case that person ever goes missing.

Possible Scent Objects

Make sure you double bag it

Then put it in your freezer

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