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How bloodhounds can aid in searches and investigations

Bloodhounds can help police in criminal investigationsThe dogs at Bloodhounds Incorporated are veteran police dogs. The hounds have been used in cases ranging from Arson to Homicide. The bloodhounds’ amazing scent abilities make the dog a valuable resource for police departments, enabling them to gain leads that may otherwise have gone undetected. The bloodhound does not always lead the police straight to the perpetrator; however, they almost always provide clues such as:

  • *Coming across the weapon
  • *Ruling out suspects
  • *Indicating that the perpetrator has left the area
  • *Showing common hang-out areas of the perpetrator

Often these clues give the police enough information in order to narrow down suspects and find the perpetrator. As well, the bloodhound often provides enough extra evidence to ensure a strong conviction.

“It was not until about the 16th century that the Bloodhound was used to track man. They were only large game hunters before then: deer, etc. The [bloodhound’s] testimony was so highly regarded that they had the legal right to follow a trail anywhere, including into homes.”

In today’s court system, it is necessary to prove that certain methods of investigation are valid. While the history of the bloodhound certainly lends validity, and anyone who works with bloodhounds can see their effectiveness, Bloodhounds, inc. has also published peer-reviewed journal articles in well established academic journals in order to add to this validity. See our research section for more specifics.

Beyond academic research, Bloodhounds, inc. maintains detailed files on each hound. These files include training records and actual case reports regarding law enforcement-related trails that the hound has been used on.

Expert witness testimony has been accepted in the courts and our dogs have passed muster in the court systems.  Information obtained by the dogs has also resulted in search warrants.

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